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Stephen W. Shipman, CFA
Century Management
Pasadena, CA

"I had the good fortune of being a good friend of Jude Wanniski and a client of his from 1981 until the time of his passing. Over that period of time, I had a chance to observe an array of economic and political changes through which only the classical model, the 'supply side model,' could successfully navigate its adherents…I can state in an unqualified fashion that the analyses provided by the scion company, Bretton Woods as good as any produced by Jude and these previous associates. In fact, better than any other classical economist, Bretton Woods Research has explained the dynamics affecting monetary policy that reconciled what Alan Greenspan had called the 'conundrum' of the bond market. It was Bretton Woods Research's knowledge of what I call the Wanniskian correllary, that is, the effect of geo-political events on money demand, that allowed them to provide the unique monetary and bond insights that no one else could provide. ...essential reading for anyone that has to allocate capital as a money manager."

A. Alexander Arnold, II

“I look forward to the research notes from BWR everyday and find them very helpful. Of particular interest are the periodic, timely pieces on topics of immediate note and importance. They are among the most carefully thought out and prompt flash analysis I receive.”

Richard Furlaud
Artorius Funds
New York, NY

“A clear-thinking alternative voice, ably supported. A voice that needs to be heard.”

Bosworth Todd
Chairman Emeritus
Todd-Veredus Asset Management, LLC

I highly recommend the work of Bretton Woods Research. Bretton Woods is the best continuation I’ve seen of the macroeconomic service I enjoyed with Jude Wanniski’s Polyconomics, Inc.”

William Pitney
Bretton Woods Clien

“99% of what I read, in the financial press, is garbage. But Bretton Woods Research delivers the most important macroeconomic information an investor needs to know. Because of the insight provided by Bretton Woods Research I've been able to double my gains within the space of a month! A good analogy is that BWR functions like a weathervane. With Bretton Woods Research, I basically take their reports and ask myself, "how would legendary supply-sider Jude Wanniski invest given the major variables as pre-sented by Bretton Woods?"

Scott Marsh

“I love the work of Bretton (Woods) because it continues in the framework of Jude (Wanniski)”.