Bretton Woods Research, LLC
A Macro Research & Forecasting Firm

MISSION: To provide clients with the essential macroeconomic narrative to profit in the global economy.

PHILOSOPHY: We focus on changes to key macro variables (fiscal, monetary, regulatory and geopolitical) to predict future asset prices.


  • STEP 1: Identify Overall Macro Context

  • What is the big picture?

  • What is the outlook for real inflation and growth?

  • What is prospective economic policy?
  • • STEP 2: Evaluate Key Macro Variables

  • What key macro variables are driving markets at the margin?

  • What is the strongest market narrative of recent events within the context of the identified variable(s)?
  • • STEP 3: Deliver Actionable Macro Intelligence

  • What is the most likely scenario based on the BWR narrative during the near-term?

  • What will be driving factors/variables over the longer-term?

  • What investment implications/recommendations should be communicated to clients?

    Core Tenets of the Economic and Political Model of Bretton Woods Research


    1. A well functioning economy starts with the producer and the exchange of goods and services between fellow producers.
    2. Risk-taking (and the policies and events that promote it) is a necessary ingredient of growth.
    3. Paying attention to the margin (i.e., the unfolding developments in fiscal, monetary, regulatory and geopolitical events) will uncover and direct one to investment opportunities through-out the global economy.
    4. Gold is the monetary North Star and remains the best unit of account for valuing currencies. A currency's gold price is the best signal of long-term inflationary or deflationary pressures being transmitted into the respective economy.
    5. There is an optimal tax rate between 0 and 100% at which the government will incur the maximum amount of revenue without compromising economic growth.