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Jul 28, 2020High Conviction Macro Trades With Higher Gold
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Apr 15, 2014High Conviction Macro Trade: Fixed Income Play for an ECB QE Scenario
Mar 11, 2014High Conviction Macro Trade: Coffee/Tin Pair Trade Update
Feb 06, 2014High Conviction Macro Trades: Coffee/Tin Pair Trade Returns 41.8% Since November
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Jan 30, 2013High Conviction Macro Trades: Cotton & Other Updates
Sep 24, 2012Correction for JNKHigh Conviction
Sep 18, 2012Macro Trades for the Fed Put & ECB BackstopHigh Conviction
May 07, 2012Attractive Long/Short Ideas in the Global EconomyHigh Conviction
Feb 15, 2012Best Plays in Metals, Softs & EnergyHigh Conviction
Feb 03, 2012Specifically TinHigh Conviction
Jan 20, 2012QE3, Syria & Iran -- Commodity Shorts BewareHigh Conviction
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Nov 17, 2011Has Oil Hit a Near-Term Peak?High Conviction
Aug 23, 2011High Conviction Macro Trades: An Update
May 12, 2011Polaris Files: Retail Gasoline High Conviction
May 05, 2011Polaris Files: Commodity Drop & GrainsHigh Conviction
Apr 26, 2011Polaris Files: Updating Commodity OutlooksHigh Conviction
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Jan 14, 2011High Conviction Macro Trades: Favorite Sectors & Markets
Dec 20, 2010Sector Rankings for a Stagflationary 2011High Conviction