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Article DateArticle Title
May 03, 2024The Next Phase of Slowdown?
May 01, 2024FedWatch: Not Satisfied With Inflation, Focusing on Max Employment Goal
Apr 25, 2024Core PCE Price Index Catapults 10-Year Yield Higher
Apr 23, 2024Relief, Quiet Time, and PCE
Apr 19, 2024Speaker Johnson`s Ukraine Gambit
Apr 15, 2024Betting on More Biden Foreign Policy Chaos
Apr 10, 2024CPI & Bond Market Rout
Apr 08, 2024Geopolitics, Jobs & Oil at $100/bbl
Apr 01, 2024Monthly Macro Review & Forecasts: Sideways Market, Ever-Vigilant Fed, Japan Exits NIRP
Mar 30, 2024BWR Political Report: Donor Class vs Trump, Senate Developments, Biden’s Netanyahu Problem
Mar 27, 2024Ready for a Sideways Market?
Mar 20, 2024FedWatch: Powell’s “Careful” Pause Sparks Weak-Dollar Rally
Mar 13, 2024Higher Than Expected CPI, High Gold, High Alert for a Cooling Labor Market
Mar 08, 2024Biden’s SOTU Campaign Reset: Foreign Policy, Immigration, Economics
Mar 06, 2024Trump or Bust for the GOP
Mar 04, 2024S&P 6000 & $2500 Gold?
Feb 28, 2024Brief: McConnell`s Leadership Exit, Sooner Than November?
Feb 28, 2024Biden`s Gaza Problem
Feb 21, 2024BWR Pol Rep: Senate Outlook, Path to Compromise on Ukraine, Dems Losing Blacks and Hispanics, Mayorkas’ Impeachment and Immigration, Lawfare Backfire
Feb 20, 2024Despite Hawkish Futures, March Rate Cut Remains Live
Feb 14, 2024CPI Pops, Gold Drops, Fed Spillovers, & Biden’s Challenges
Feb 09, 2024Tucker Carlson, Zaluzhny’s Exit, & Biden’s Mental Acuity
Feb 05, 2024Biden’s Corporatist Economy & Trump’s Permanent Advantage?
Jan 31, 2024FedWatch: Powell`s Reluctance to Cut Rates
Jan 27, 2024BWR Political Report: Border Showdown; Trump`s NH Win; Biden Betting on Economy; Lawfare Strategy
Jan 23, 2024Political Churn Favors Trump
Jan 17, 2024Higher Inflation & Gold; Operation Jawbone Goes Global; Dimon on Trump Voters
Jan 11, 2024CPI, Fed Chatter, Airstrikes & Tech Layoffs
Jan 03, 20242024 Outlook: Navigating a Soft Landing & Election Uncertainty
Dec 16, 2023Fedwatch: Pivot Is Good, But Divisions Over Cuts Threatens Outlook