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About Us

Bretton Woods Research, LLC is a macroeconomic research firm that analyzes the political economy from a classical economic framework. We assess fiscal, monetary and regulatory policy as well as political and geopolitical currents to identify economic catalysts and investment opportunities and risks.

We provide a singular, coherent, and compelling framework with which to interpret and anticipate macro events in the global economy. Clients often remark that the unique, big picture perspective that we offer has been 'like a compass' and an invaluable part of their investment decision process.

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Domestic Reports
Dec 07, 2023 4th GOP Debate Wrap: Vivek - Destroyer of Anti-Trump Donor Cash
Dec 04, 2023 BWR Pol Rpt: DeSantis-Newsom, Ryan Backs Haley, Santos Ousted, Third Party Presidential Candidate Scenarios, Musk F’Bombs Disney & Other Advertisers
Dec 01, 2023 November Macro Review In Focus - Powell’s Persistent Pause, Fed’s Waller: Fasten Your Seatbelts, Milei’s Prosperity Mandate for Argentina
Global Reports
Nov 20, 2023 Milei’s Mandate for Prosperity in Argentina
Oct 24, 2023 Rally on Delayed Invasion; A Pragmatic Peronist for Argentina?
Oct 09, 2023 War on Gaza
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Supply-Side Portfolio
Aug 23, 2023 HCMT: Our View on the UST 10-Year Yield