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Nov 20, 2017End of the Merkel Era?
Nov 06, 2017Saudi Purge & Collision Course with Iran
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Oct 30, 2017Catalonia: Puigdemont in Exile
Oct 27, 2017Catalonia: What’s Next?
Oct 23, 2017Japan: Abe Wins; Nikkei Outlook
Oct 18, 2017Tax Cuts Sweep Europe
Oct 16, 2017Austria: Europe’s Tax Cutters Continue Their Ascent
Oct 03, 2017Catalonia`s Long Divorce
Sep 25, 2017Merkel Wins But Outlook Murky
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Sep 05, 2017Reaching a Dead-end With NK Sanctions?
Aug 23, 2017Tax Cuts in Norway, Denmark & Hong Kong
Aug 07, 2017Higher Taxes in South Korea, Tax Cuts in Belgium
Jul 20, 2017Foreign Policy Notes: Syria, Qatar, Korea
Jul 14, 2017France: Macron Puts Growth First?
Jun 09, 2017UK, France, Italy
Jun 06, 2017Regime Change in Qatar?
May 26, 2017Brazil: Pension & Labor Reforms Don’t Matter
May 26, 2017UK Facing Hung Parliament?
May 12, 2017Optimistic About Korea, Pessimistic About France
May 08, 2017Macron: Victory for Status Quo
Apr 27, 2017NAFTA Negotiations, EU Populism & Italy
Apr 24, 2017Macron Takes Frexit Off The Table
Apr 21, 2017France Going Into The Weekend
Apr 18, 2017UK Snap Elections, Le Pen Rising, Turkey in Context
Mar 24, 2017India Moves Closer to GST Unification
Mar 22, 2017Insights from 1st French Presidential Debate
Mar 13, 2017Opportunity in the Philippines