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Aug 13, 2019 Tariffs, Hong Kong, & Argentina
Jul 30, 2019UK: Hardening Brexit Talk, Boris the Brave & Elections?
Jul 19, 2019Troika Sweepstakes: EC, ECB & IMF
Jul 13, 2019Greece & Turkey Seeking Growth Policies
Jul 10, 2019Pro-Brexit Johnson Improving on Fiscal Policy
Jun 19, 2019Frankfurt and Hong Kong: Shifting Winds
Jun 14, 2019Iran & Hong Kong: New Risks
Jun 11, 2019Italy: The Case for Mini-BOTs?
Jun 05, 2019Salvini’s Two-Front Campaign
May 29, 2019Triumphant Salvini Pushes for Stimulus
May 25, 2019Brexit After May
May 21, 2019European Parliamentary Elections: Earthquake Ahead?
May 15, 2019The Bolton-Pompeo Pressure Campaign on Iran
May 02, 2019Greek Market Optimism & October Elections
Apr 30, 2019Spain’s Split Electorate; Macron’s Zero-Sum Dogma; Merkel Exit Scenario
Apr 11, 2019Brextension #3 and May’s Second Wind?
Apr 05, 2019The US Case Against Huawei: Where’s the Beef?
Mar 25, 2019Ukraine Elections: Post-Poroshenko Era in the Offing?
Mar 15, 2019Brexit Extended, But for How Long?
Mar 08, 2019Brexit: Next Wednesday, Labour Rebels, and Other Relevant Dates
Feb 21, 2019UK PM May Fails Again; Italy’s Salvini Rising; Spain Elections
Feb 13, 2019Global Slowdown Worries: The Case of China, Germany, and Japan
Jan 26, 2019Venezuela: Washington’s Big Gamble Against Maduro
Jan 17, 2019UK: May Stronger After Brexit-lite Failure?
Jan 12, 2019Britain: Don’t Underestimate May’s Political Skills
Dec 16, 2018What Happens If May’s Brexit Deal Dies?
Dec 06, 2018Macron’s Retreat; Decision Day for Germany’s CDU
Nov 19, 2018Global: Saudi Arabia; Iran; Brexit
Nov 12, 2018UK: May’s Sinking Soft Brexit Proposal
Oct 29, 2018Germany & Brazil: Electorates Seeking New Leadership