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Article DateArticle Title
Dec 06, 2018Macron’s Retreat; Decision Day for Germany’s CDU
Nov 19, 2018Global: Saudi Arabia; Iran; Brexit
Nov 12, 2018UK: May’s Sinking Soft Brexit Proposal
Oct 29, 2018Germany & Brazil: Electorates Seeking New Leadership
Oct 19, 2018Oil & Expelling Iran From Swift
Oct 18, 2018Rome-EU Negotiations: Rough Start; FOMC & China
Oct 15, 2018Europe Politics: Sweden, Germany, Italy
Oct 05, 2018Black Monday for China Ahead?
Oct 04, 2018Shift on North Korea; Mideast Peace Plan Delays
Sep 29, 2018Italy’s Budget & the Euro
Sep 27, 2018Brazil Elections: Bolsonaro vs Haddad Contest in the Offing
Sep 21, 2018China: Beijing’s October Surprise on Tariffs?
Sep 12, 2018Idlib in Perspective
Sep 04, 2018Argentina`s Downward Spiral
Aug 16, 2018Turkey: Erdogan Buying Time For Now
Aug 10, 2018Turkey: Sanctions Panic, Weak Lira Fix Eludes
Aug 03, 2018Pakistan Under Khan: First Thoughts
Jul 13, 2018Russia: Growth Outlook Dims; Trump Summit
Jul 13, 2018UK: May’s Soft-Exit Plan - DOA?
Jul 05, 2018Is China Running Out of Options?
Jul 03, 2018Brief: Argentina Inflection Point?
Jul 02, 2018Merkel v Seehofer & Mexico (Corrected)
Jun 29, 2018Syria, Iran, Trump-Putin Summit
Jun 26, 2018EU: Italy’s Emboldened Populists, Merkel-Macron Fail & the Draghi Put
Jun 18, 2018Merkel at Risk?
Jun 08, 2018Emerging Market Troubles & Trump’s Trade Objective?
Jun 06, 2018Italy-EU Collision Course
May 29, 2018Italy & Spain: What Next?
May 23, 2018Italian Yields Climb on Savona News
May 22, 2018President Mattarella & the Decline in Italian Yields