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Sep 22, 2020BWR`s September 2020 Macro Review
Sep 17, 2020FedWatch: Powell May Never Raise Rates Again; Bond Yield Scenarios
Sep 15, 2020Trump’s Strengthening Tailwinds
Sep 10, 2020Trump’s ‘Better American Foreign Policy’
Sep 08, 2020‘Critical Race Theory,’ White Progressives, and the Woke Mob
Sep 04, 2020Expansion Continues, Covid’s End, Tech Chill
Aug 24, 2020Biden`s Hillary II Convention
Aug 24, 2020BWR`s August 2020 Macro Review
Aug 15, 2020High Ground on Taxes, House Control in Play?, Israel-UAE Deal
Aug 13, 2020Kamala: Biden or Bust
Aug 11, 2020Sputnik V & Triangulation, Part Deux
Aug 06, 2020Elections Watch: Dem Party’s Progressive Express Chugs On; Biden vs. Trump Binary
Jul 31, 2020Contraction Under a Fed Put, CV-19 Surge, NATO 2.0
Jul 22, 2020Fed Nominees Advance, Gold, and McConnell’s Bill
Jul 17, 2020 BWR`s July 2020 Macro Review
Jul 14, 2020Lockdown Until Biden Wins?
Jul 09, 2020Elections Watch: New Jersey Primaries & House Control Prospects
Jun 24, 2020Elections Watch: Old Guard Erodes as New Dems & New GOPers Emerge
Jun 18, 2020BWR`s June 2020 Macro Review
Jun 17, 2020V-Shaped Recovery, Powell Hearings, 2nd Wave Fears, Trump`s Executive Order
Jun 10, 2020FedWatch: Uber Dovishness & Gold
Jun 09, 2020Elections Watch: Trump Polls, Kamala, & June Primaries
Jun 01, 2020Lockdown 2.0, 1968, & Democrats
May 20, 2020BWR`s May 2020 Macro Review
May 17, 2020California`s Purple Future
May 12, 2020Are Lockdowns Failing the Democrats?
May 05, 2020Rally in Context; Lockdown Logic; Fed; Payroll Tax; Biden
Apr 27, 2020Pandemic Over; Georgia & #BacktoWork; Few Worries About Inflation
Apr 27, 2020How Vulnerable Is Joe Biden?
Apr 16, 2020 BWR`s April 2020 Macro Review