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Apr 17, 2017BWR Slides: Where the Macro Stands Today
Apr 11, 2017North Korea About to Boil?
Apr 07, 2017Trump’s Airstrikes on Syria
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Mar 27, 2017Hard to be Pessimistic about Taxes
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Mar 17, 2017Fed Hike, China Tax Cuts, Dutch Elections & EU Outlook
Mar 09, 2017 Fed Tightening, Dutch Elections & Europe Risk
Mar 04, 2017Ryan-Brady Tax Plan: Net Positive Reform
Mar 01, 2017Trump`s Speech & Fed Hawkishness
Feb 24, 2017Paul Ryan’s Dead-end & Trump’s Test
Feb 21, 2017Border Adjusted Tax on Life Support, McMaster Pick, Sweden’s Riots & Dutch Election
Feb 17, 2017Factors at the Margin: Tax Outlook, Yellen, Emerging Markets & Le Pen
Feb 15, 2017Trump’s Whitewater?
Feb 13, 2017Early Days of the Trump Doctrine
Feb 10, 2017Tax Cuts, Obamacare, Immigration & Bullard
Jan 30, 2017Equities Need a “Trump Put”
Jan 24, 2017Taxes, Grand Bargain, Trade Politics, and the Dollar
Jan 17, 2017The Border-Adjusted Tax, Dollar Strength & Ryan’s Speakership
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Jan 06, 20172017 Outlook: The Year of Trump