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Jun 05, 2023Mixed Data Signals, But “Skip” Outlook Unchanged
May 31, 2023May Macro Review: Low Intensity Hawkishness, Debt Ceiling Deal, Turkey & Germany
May 25, 2023BWR Pol Rpt: Debt Ceiling Drama & DeSantis
May 19, 2023Powell Inadvertently Pumps Pause
May 11, 2023Slowcession Market & Low Intensity Hawkishness
May 04, 2023Rate Cuts to Follow Death of Regional Banks?
Apr 29, 2023April Macro Review - In Focus: Beige Book Gloom, Bullard’s Sanguine Scenario, Japan & Germany
Apr 27, 2023Sideways With a Fed Slowcession
Apr 24, 2023Carlson`s Exit at FoxNews
Apr 20, 2023BWR Pol Rpt: Gold; De-Dollarization; Trump & Ukraine; Discord Leaks; GOP Hopefuls; Biden & RFK Jr
Apr 19, 2023Sectors & Commodities Amid Open Mouth Hawkishness & Beige Book Gloom
Apr 07, 2023BWR Pol Rpt: Social Fissures; Elections Watch; Trump Indictment; MTG; Biden`s Corporatism, Debt Negotiations; TikTok Comes to DC
Apr 05, 2023Treasury Market Unconvinced by Fed Hawks
Apr 03, 2023This Week’s Indicators of Slowdown
Mar 28, 2023March Macro Review - In Focus: Until Something Breaks, Let’s Watch How Credit Tightening Plays Out
Mar 22, 2023Fed Brief: Let`s Watch How Credit Tightening Plays Out
Mar 13, 2023Until Something Breaks
Mar 09, 2023What`s the Trouble With Regional Banks?
Mar 07, 2023FedWatch: Powell`s Senate Testimony, More Than Just a Bumpy Ride
Mar 03, 2023BWR Pol Rpt: Presidential Race Already Underway as Domestic Issues Return
Mar 01, 202310-Year Treasury of 6+%?
Feb 15, 2023Higher Yields & the Fed’s Slow Reveal
Feb 08, 2023Biden’s Effective SOTU Contrasts With Huckabee Sanders’ Culture War
Feb 04, 2023BWR Political Report: Biden Coming in Hot for Feb. 7 SOTU
Feb 02, 2023Are Hard Landings Softer With a Floating Dollar?
Feb 01, 2023Fed Brief: Early Stages of Disinflation, Waiting for Labor to Drop
Jan 28, 2023Jan. Macro Review - In Focus: 2023 Outlook, Moderate Hawkishness & Risk, Ukraine
Jan 23, 2023Ukraine, Waller & Pause, Gold, Japan
Jan 19, 2023Decelerating Rate Hike Campaign for Decelerating Economy
Jan 11, 2023Fed Credibility & Fed Futures