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Article DateArticle Title
Sep 15, 2021Newsom`s Predictable Triumph
Sep 10, 2021Biden: Get Vaccinated or Else
Sep 04, 2021BWR Pol Rpt: Afghan Pullout; SCOTUS & Abortion; Newsom Saved; Ellzey Win; Dem Infra. Battle; Powell on the Bubble?
Sep 03, 2021Jobs & Manchin`s Redline
Sep 01, 2021Biden`s Afghanistan Statement
Aug 26, 2021ISIS-K Strikes Kabul Airport
Aug 23, 2021Aug Macro Review: Fed Tapering, Pelosi Strategy, Powell, Market Outlook, Recall, China Not Worth the Risk
Aug 22, 2021BWR Pol Rpt: Afghan Chaos, Newsom`s Woes, Rubio and DeSantis, Moderate House Sabotage, Cuomo Exit Hurts
Aug 18, 2021Evacuation Focus, Vaccine Boosters, and S&P 5000
Aug 16, 2021The Fall of Kabul
Aug 12, 2021Path Ahead With Biden`s Legislative Agenda
Aug 07, 2021BWR Pol Rpt: Biden Blahs, Border Crisis, Curtains for Cuomo, Adams Moderates, Newsom Challenged, VA Standoff, Dem Establishment Win in Ohio
Aug 04, 2021Clarida, Delta & Fed Chair Sweepstakes
Jul 25, 2021Biden`s Foreign Policy: A Midyear Report Card
Jul 24, 2021BWR Pol Rpt: Biden Town Hall – Eric Adams New Democrat – Texas District 6 – VA Race Tightens – CA Recall – Trump Empathy Gap
Jul 22, 2021BWR July Macro Review: Midyear Outlook, Delta Variant, Infrastructure Talks, Tax Odds, Foreign Policy Notes, One-World Tax Floor
Jul 20, 2021Bull Market Amid a Withering 10-Year Yield
Jul 09, 2021BWR Pol Rpt: Tax Push Stalling – Kamala Problems – Adams NYC – AOC Whiffs – CA Recall Date – Murkowski`s Murky Future
Jul 02, 2021Jobs, Carried Interest Thoughts, a One-World Tax Floor
Jun 30, 2021Is the Market`s Optimism Warranted?
Jun 25, 2021BWR Political Report: NYC Mayoral Race – Infrastructure Compromise – Antitrust Returns – Voter ID
Jun 18, 2021BWR June Macro Review: Construction, Infrastructure, Manchin, Dem Moderates, Lab Leak Theory, Standing Recommendations, Peru, Mexico, Israel
Jun 17, 2021FOMC Meeting: Gold Drops, 10-Year Yield Recovers
Jun 11, 2021BWR Political Report: NYC Race, Infrastructure, NM, Waning Progressives, Trump Campaigns, Newsom Trouble, Immigration
Jun 04, 2021Construction Contraction & Infrastructure Shuffling
May 30, 2021BWR Political Report: Beating Back Pandemic, COVID Origin, Trump, DeSantis, GOP Moderates, VT`s Clout, CA Challenges
May 21, 2021BWR May 21 Macro Review: Rising Prices, Biden vs Manchin on Taxes, Oil, Bitcoin, HCMT Standing Recommendations & Foreign Central Bank Policy
May 15, 2021BWR Political Report: VA and NYC Elections, AZ Audit, CA Recall, DeSantis’ Rise, Trump New Platform, Biden Performance
May 12, 2021Tax Selling, Lumber Cracks, HCMT Update: Taiwan
Apr 29, 2021Biden`s First 100 Days, Newsom Recall, Yang to Take Big Apple?