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Article DateArticle Title
May 20, 2020BWR`s May 2020 Macro Review
May 17, 2020California`s Purple Future
May 12, 2020Are Lockdowns Failing the Democrats?
May 05, 2020Rally in Context; Lockdown Logic; Fed; Payroll Tax; Biden
Apr 27, 2020Pandemic Over; Georgia & #BacktoWork; Few Worries About Inflation
Apr 27, 2020How Vulnerable Is Joe Biden?
Apr 16, 2020 BWR`s April 2020 Macro Review
Apr 14, 2020End of the Shutdowns Ahead
Apr 01, 2020Hoping for a Model Failure
Mar 25, 2020After Fiscal & Monetary Alignment, a Choppy, Drawn-Out Climb Back?
Mar 21, 2020Mitigation Overkill, Italy Turns the Corner, COVID Geopolitics
Mar 18, 2020 BWR`s March 2020 Macro Review
Mar 16, 2020Dem Debate XI: Biden Strong, Coherent -- KO`s Sanders
Mar 16, 2020National Shutdown on the Table
Mar 14, 2020Trump at the Margin on COVID19
Mar 12, 2020Hits Keep Coming: EU Travel Ban & Merkel`s Warning; UK Budget & France
Mar 11, 2020Biden Wins Big, Bernie Continues to Sink in Shadow of COVID19
Mar 10, 2020A Brave New World of COVID19 Mitigation?
Mar 05, 2020As COVID19 Spreads, It’s Not Even the Third Inning
Mar 04, 2020Super Tuesday: Dem Establishment Jolts Biden Campaign Back to Life
Mar 03, 2020Fed Breaks Glass & Recession Math Revisited
Feb 28, 2020A Spanish Flu for Modern Times
Feb 26, 2020DemDebate X: `Comeback Kid` Bloomberg, Sanders Steadies, Biden Abides
Feb 25, 2020Pandemic Drag
Feb 24, 2020Corona Deaths Spread; Sanders Surge Continues
Feb 20, 2020BWR`s February 2020 Macro Review
Feb 20, 2020DemDebate Nine: Sanders Shines, Bloomberg Concussed in Vegas
Feb 19, 2020Gold, Corona, Fed Notes, Pardons & Bloomberg
Feb 12, 2020Election Watch: Sanders With the Inside Track
Feb 10, 2020Election Watch: Eve of New Hampshire, Debate 8, Trump’s Triumph