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May 18, 2022PA Senate Race Too Close to Call; Governor’s Race Will Be Feisty
May 17, 2022Fed Brief: Powell – We Need to See Slower Growth
May 13, 2022ElectionsWatch: Wild One in PA`s GOP Senate Primary
May 12, 2022Soft-Landing Scenario for Dems, Peak CPI, Geopolitics of Oil, Baa-Aaa Concerns, Scoping the Downside
May 11, 2022Waiting for CPI, a Fool`s Game
May 04, 2022BWR Political Report: J.D. Vance Win; Expected End to Roe v. Wade; Next Tuesday’s Primaries
May 04, 2022Fed Brief: Powell, The Un-Bullard
Apr 26, 2022SOLD: World’s Most Powerful Megaphone
Apr 22, 2022BWR April 2022 Macro Review: Anticipating Contraction and a Protracted Russia-Ukraine Conflict
Apr 12, 2022Anticipating Contraction
Apr 06, 2022BWR Pol Rpt: Biden’s Sophomore Slump; Oil Release; EU Screams; Elon’s Twitter Gambit; AOC & Eric Adams; Rubio & Immigration; US Consumer Conf. Drops
Mar 31, 2022Biden`s Oil Price Challenge & a Gold-Anchored Ruble?
Mar 24, 2022BWR March 2022 Macro Review: War in Europe & Hawkish Fed Policy
Mar 22, 2022Hawkish Jawboning Week
Mar 17, 2022Seven Consecutive Rate Hikes Amid War in Europe
Mar 15, 2022Wednesday`s Macro Lineup
Mar 13, 2022BWR Pol Rpt: Biden`s Foreign Policy Dead Weight; GOP & Ukraine; Rick Scott`s Rescue Plan; Root-Canal Republicanism?; Biden as Obama 2.0; Crime Busters
Mar 07, 2022Looking for a Bottom in a Geopolitical Bear Market
Mar 02, 2022A Forgettable SOTU
Feb 24, 2022BWR February Macro Review: Fed Expectations, Geopolitical Uncertainty, and Equities
Feb 22, 2022Brief: Putin`s Speech & Geopolitical Drag
Feb 11, 2022Open Mouth Uncertainty With Rates
Feb 05, 2022BWR Pol Rpt 2022 II: Biden Shifting to Center, Dem Gerrymandering Gains, Ukraine, & Raskin
Jan 31, 2022Searching for a Soft-Landing Scenario
Jan 26, 2022Powell`s Table-Setting for a Temporary Tightening
Jan 25, 2022Powell & the Dilemma of Hawkish Rate Expectations
Jan 21, 2022 BWR January Macro Review: Omicron Surge; BBB All But Dead; Fed’s Tightening Agenda Takes Toll
Jan 14, 2022BWR Pol Rpt: Biden Slipping, Omicron Surge, Eric Adams, Filibuster Lives, Jan. 6, Gavin Newsom Dreaming, College Enrollment Drops
Jan 06, 20222022 Outlook: Year of Transition
Dec 20, 2021Manchin`s Veto & Omicron`s Final Throes