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Feb 26, 2020DemDebate X: `Comeback Kid` Bloomberg, Sanders Steadies, Biden Abides
Feb 25, 2020Pandemic Drag
Feb 24, 2020Corona Deaths Spread; Sanders Surge Continues
Feb 20, 2020BWR`s February 2020 Macro Review
Feb 20, 2020DemDebate Nine: Sanders Shines, Bloomberg Concussed in Vegas
Feb 19, 2020Gold, Corona, Fed Notes, Pardons & Bloomberg
Feb 12, 2020Election Watch: Sanders With the Inside Track
Feb 10, 2020Election Watch: Eve of New Hampshire, Debate 8, Trump’s Triumph
Feb 04, 2020Risk On & Iowa
Feb 02, 2020Dem Primaries: Bernie Rising, Biden Fading, Bloomberg Buying
Jan 30, 2020Corona Worse Than SARS & Powell Pause With Tweaks
Jan 23, 2020Corona & the Yield Curve
Jan 22, 2020The Corona Virus, Impeachment, Macro Positives
Jan 15, 2020January Monthly Macro Review
Jan 15, 2020Dem Debate VII: Biden Plays His ‘Unify’ Card
Jan 08, 2020No Americans Were Harmed: Iran’s Casualty-free Retaliation
Jan 06, 20202020 Outlook: Bull Market Year II
Dec 20, 2019Dem Debate VI: Tax Increases, Biden, Buttigieg, Yang
Dec 13, 2019Trump Strikes Phase One With China; Boris` Big Win
Dec 11, 2019FedWatch: The Decade’s Last FOMC Decision
Dec 06, 2019BWR: A Year of Spot-On Coverage
Dec 04, 2019Impeachment Fizzle & Phase One "Peanuts"
Nov 21, 2019Dem Debate V: Booker Pushes Growth; Biden Flags; Social Safety Net
Nov 13, 2019Powell Testifies; Trump`s NY Speech; Impeachment Begins; Hillary?
Nov 06, 2019GOP Lessons From KY, VA, MS Elections
Nov 02, 2019China, Impeachment, & Fed Funds Futures
Oct 30, 2019FedWatch: Cut as Expected, Risks to the Upside
Oct 16, 2019Dem Debate IV: Impeachment, Tax Hikes, Healthcare Reform
Oct 11, 2019US-China, Brexit Progress, Treasuries & Fed Posture
Oct 07, 2019Syria: Trump vs. the Beltway, Again