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May 13, 2022ElectionsWatch: Wild One in PA`s GOP Senate Primary
Nov 18, 2021Nov Macro Review: VA & NJ Elections, Manchin-Sinema Rally, BBB, Biden Mandate, Taiwan, Bullard, HCMT Review, EU Lockdowns & CDU’s Post-Merkel Dawn
Nov 03, 2021Elections Watch: Upsets in Virginia, New Jersey & Other Races & Issues
Oct 23, 2021Elections Watch: Governor Races -- Youngkin Surging, McAuliffe Frazzled in Virginia; New Jersey Race Tightens
Oct 11, 2021BWR Pol Rpt - Virginia & New Jersey Elections; AZ Audit; CA Goes Mail-Only Ballot
Sep 27, 2021Sep Macro Review: Fiscal Legislation Outlook, Reconciliation Math, Biden’s Vaccine Posturing, FOMC Summary, Market Outlook, Canada & Germany Elections
May 15, 2021BWR Political Report: VA and NYC Elections, AZ Audit, CA Recall, DeSantis’ Rise, Trump New Platform, Biden Performance
Nov 20, 2020BWR`s November Macro Review - Elections Edition
Aug 06, 2020Elections Watch: Dem Party’s Progressive Express Chugs On; Biden vs. Trump Binary
Jul 09, 2020Elections Watch: New Jersey Primaries & House Control Prospects
Jun 24, 2020Elections Watch: Old Guard Erodes as New Dems & New GOPers Emerge
Jun 09, 2020Elections Watch: Trump Polls, Kamala, & June Primaries
Nov 06, 2019GOP Lessons From KY, VA, MS Elections
Jun 28, 2019ElectionsWatch: Quartet Emerges After First Democratic Debates
Nov 06, 2018Elections Watch: Last Thoughts & Florida’s Gubernatorial Election
Nov 05, 2018Elections Watch: Senate Tossups – A More Power Trumpian Majority
Nov 01, 2018Elections Watch: Who Will Control the House?
Sep 20, 2018Treasury Outlook: Macro Tailwinds & November Elections
Sep 08, 2018Elections Watch: Key Issues, Texas, Florida, & a Black Swan
Jul 14, 2018Elections Watch: House Outlook, Anti-Pelosi Push & GOP Austerians
Mar 17, 2017Fed Hike, China Tax Cuts, Dutch Elections & EU Outlook
Mar 09, 2017 Fed Tightening, Dutch Elections & Europe Risk
Sep 16, 2016Elections Watch: Battle for the Senate & Trump’s Coattails
Mar 30, 2016Elections Watch: April Primary Outlook
Mar 16, 2016Elections Watch: Hillary Solidifies Lead; Trump-Cruz Ticket?
Mar 02, 2016Elections Watch: Super Tuesday Wrap Up
Feb 10, 2016Elections Watch: After New Hampshire - Winners, Losers, Sanders!
Feb 02, 2016Elections Watch: Iowa Clarifies the Front-runners
Dec 16, 2015Elections Watch: GOP Debate V - National Security, Terror
Dec 04, 2015Elections Watch: Hillary Already Triangulating