Bretton Woods Research, LLC
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BWR Management Team


The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
~Hans Hoffman

One of Bretton Woods Research’s unique strengths is its ability to decipher complicated issues in a straightforward, uncomplicated manner. Vlad Signorelli and the rest of the team at Bretton Woods Research brings this direct style to all of the work they produce. Their accessibility to clients is another significant benefit of Bretton Woods Research’s services. Whether you agree, disagree or want to converse about a specific topic, Vlad and other members of the team are available for direct client interaction.


Vlad Signorelli


Vlad Signorelli is President & Global Market Strategist of Bretton Woods Research, LLC. At Bretton Woods, Vlad and his team have built an impressive list of clients around the world by following a unique classical framework while delivering exceptional results. Bretton Woods called the housing bust and market downturn in 2008, as well as the turnaround in March of 2009. Additionally, they have expertly guided clients through the brief downturns during the recent bull market. Prior to founding Bretton Woods Research in 2006, Vlad began his career at Polyconomics in 1995 working under the renowned supply-sider Jude Wanniski, becoming Director of Global Research in 2004. Vlad continues to be quoted in major news sources including Dow Jones, Bloomberg, and Forbes. His analysis has been published by, RealClearMarkets and the Boston Globe. Vlad is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Economic Counsel
Paul Hoffmeister


Paul Hoffmeister is Economic Counsel to Bretton Woods Research, LLC. Before joining Bretton Woods, Paul was the Director of Market Strategy and Chief Economist at Polyconomics, Inc. from 2004 to 2006. Paul has advised numerous political campaigns, including two presidential campaigns.  He has written for and has been quoted in several news sources including Bloomberg, Reuters and National Review. In addition, Paul has appeared on Kudlow and Co. and radio talk shows. Paul graduated from Georgetown University with a BSBA in Accounting and Finance.

Managing Director
Chuck Hanabergh


Chuck Hanabergh is the Director of Institutional Sales for Bretton Woods Research, LLC. Chuck is responsible for marketing, product development and client relationship management at Bretton Woods Research. Chuck has been serving the institutional investment community since 1998 where he started as a Sales Representative at Polyconomics. Chuck went on to become VP of Institutional Sales with Rochdale Securities and then started his own research marketing group, Hanabergh & Associates, in 2003. Chuck graduated with honors from Rutgers University in 1992 with a bachelor's degree in Economics and received an MBA in Finance from Seton Hall in 2002.