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About Us

Bretton Woods Research, LLC is a macroeconomic research firm that analyzes the political economy from a classical economic framework. We assess fiscal, monetary and regulatory policy as well as political and geopolitical currents to identify economic catalysts and investment opportunities and risks.

We provide a singular, coherent, and compelling framework with which to interpret and anticipate macro events in the global economy. Clients often remark that the unique, big picture perspective that we offer has been 'like a compass' and an invaluable part of their investment decision process.

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Domestic Reports
Jun 23, 2022 BWR June 2022 Macro Review: Biden’s Greenlight for Contraction & Western Central Banks Turn Hawkish
Jun 23, 2022 BWR June 2022 Macro Review: Biden’s Greenlight for Contraction & Deepening Hawkishness of Western Central Banks
Jun 18, 2022 Elections Watch – June 14: Trump Dominates NYT Primary Coverage, Texas District Flipped, Nevada, Maine
Global Reports
Jun 21, 2022 Colombia: Gustavo Wins Only to Preside Over Contraction?
May 18, 2022 Forcing a Russian Default, Fall of Mariupol, Cease Fire Talks & NATO Expansion
May 02, 2022 The Next Phase With Ukraine
Recommended Readings
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Apr 14, 2022 Musk`s Hostile Takeover Bid for Twitter
Mar 23, 2022 Ferguson: Biden Is Making a Colossal Mistake on Ukraine
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Mar 02, 2022 Foreign Policy Q&A With J. Mearsheimer on Ukraine
Supply-Side Portfolio
Apr 19, 2022 HCMT Updates: Natural Gas, Ukraine, Yields & Sectors
Mar 10, 2022 HCMT Updates: Wheat, Oil, Greece & Regional Banking
Feb 28, 2022 HCMT: SWIFT Ban for Russia & Germany`s Big Shift