Bretton Woods Research, LLC
A Macro Research Firm

About Us

Bretton Woods Research, LLC is a macroeconomic research firm that analyzes the political economy from a classical economic framework. We assess fiscal, monetary and regulatory policy as well as political and geopolitical currents to identify economic catalysts and investment opportunities and risks.

We provide a singular, coherent, and compelling framework with which to interpret and anticipate macro events in the global economy. Clients often remark that the unique, big picture perspective that we offer has been 'like a compass' and an invaluable part of their investment decision process.

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Domestic Reports
Jan 17, 2017 The Border-Adjusted Tax, Dollar Strength & Ryan’s Speakership
Jan 11, 2017 Trump: War Against Established Interests
Jan 06, 2017 2017 Outlook: The Year of Trump
Global Reports
Jan 13, 2017 Europe 2017, Part II: The Russia Question
Jan 09, 2017 Europe 2017, Part I: Politics & U.S. Relations
Dec 06, 2016 Renzi & the Risk of Snap Elections
Recommended Readings
Jan 13, 2017 Rushton: Time for Plaza Accord II
Jan 09, 2017 Trump Re-shaping the GOP
Dec 21, 2016 Reason to Be Optimistic About a 2017 Grand Bargain?
Dec 14, 2016 New China on Trade Battlefield
Dec 06, 2016 European Politics in 2017
Dec 03, 2016 The Mind of Mattis
Dec 01, 2016 How OPEC Deal Got Done
Supply-Side Portfolio
Nov 13, 2016 HCMT: Investment Positioning for a Trump Presidency
Oct 04, 2016 HCMT Note: Dollar Strength Adjustment


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