Bretton Woods Research, LLC
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About Us

Bretton Woods Research, LLC is a macroeconomic research firm that analyzes the political economy from a classical economic framework. We assess fiscal, monetary and regulatory policy as well as political and geopolitical currents to identify economic catalysts and investment opportunities and risks.

We provide a singular, coherent, and compelling framework with which to interpret and anticipate macro events in the global economy. Clients often remark that the unique, big picture perspective that we offer has been 'like a compass' and an invaluable part of their investment decision process.

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Domestic Reports
Nov 20, 2022 BWR Post-Election Review: Abortion; Colorado Case Study; White House Strategy; GOP Ineptitude; Trump Factor; Between Now & 2024; Wanted: GOP Dealmaker
Nov 17, 2022 Bullard Predictably Hints at Much Higher Terminal Rate for 2023
Nov 10, 2022 Gold & Equities: Fed Pause Now in Play?
Global Reports
Nov 16, 2022 Ukrainian Missiles Hit Poland
Sep 28, 2022 The Battle for Britain & a Mexico 1982 Moment?
Sep 07, 2022 Ukraine War: Diplomacy Short-circuited in Kyiv & Europe`s Energy Wedge
Recommended Readings
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Supply-Side Portfolio
Oct 13, 2022 HCMT: A Rally to Fade?; Rate Expectations Still Dominant; Update with Homebuilders
Sep 27, 2022 HCMT Update: Taking Gains in Biden`s Bear Market
Sep 01, 2022 HCMT Update: Raising a Stop & The Case Against Brazil